HONEYWELL HAS introduced a headband-mounted display which will allow ground crew to see troubleshooting data as they carry out airliner-maintenance work.

The display, which is connected to a processor on the maintenance-worker's belt, is an addition to Honeywell's Airline Maintenance and Operations Support System (AMOSS).

Fault data from an aircraft in flight are downlinked to the AMOSS for analysis using diagnostic software. Information from the system is downloaded to the belt processor, and presented on the headband display of a maintenance technician meeting the aircraft. Results from tests at the gate can be fed back into the diagnostic software. Speech recognition allows the user to locate information by voice command.

A field trial of the AMOSS is under way at America West Airlines to demonstrate functionality and validate performance. A local-area network has been installed at Pheonix Sky Harbor Airport to convey data to workstations.


Source: Flight International