Pratt & Whitney and Renton, Washington-based Aviation Fleet Solutions (AFS) have received US Federal Aviation Administration certification for the QuietEagle noise reduction system for JT8D-200-powered Boeing MD-80s, writes Guy Norris.

The kit, unveiled at the 2005 Paris air show, reduces overall aircraft noise by 6dB, enabling a QiuetEagle-equipped MD-80 to meet recently introduced US Stage 4 and International Civil Aviation Organisation Chapter 4 noise regulations. P&W is responsible for the design while AFS obtained the FAA certification.

The kit, which will be available for deliveries from May, includes a modified fan containment liner, originally developed by P&W several years ago to counter potential blade-out events, but which also produces around a 1dB noise reduction. The kit also incorporates a mixer with 16 primary lobes, in addition to a further 16 mini-sublobes, compared with the original 12-lobe design.

A silencer also replaces the tail plug in the centre of the mixer. The kit will be recognisable by a “tabbed nozzle” of chevron shapes around the exhaust trailing edge.

The kit is available in two configurations; a high gross-weight package aimed at MD-80 models with maximum take-off weights (MTOW) up to 72,600kg (160,000lb), and a light gross-weight configuration for aircraft with MTOWs of less than 67,800kg. Initial list price for the heavier system is expected to be around $825,000 per aircraft, while the lighter system will cost $675,000.

Potential customers for the heavier system include operators such as Alitalia, Meridiana and Scandinavian Airlines, and for the lighter option, large US fleet operators such as American Airlines.

Source: Flight International