Dassault's Falcon 2000EX business jet will be the first application for Nordam's Advanced Single Pivot (ASP) thrust reverser.

Pratt & Whitney Canada has selected the ASP for the 2000EX's PW308C powerplant. Nordam says its design offers lower weight and drag and increased reverse-thrust effectiveness compared with traditional "four-bar" reversers.

Compared with conventional target-type thrust reversers, where each door pivots around two points, the ASP doors rotate about a single pivot. This eliminates the drag-creating "stang fairing" characteristic of target-type reversers.

Nordam says the ASP is also lighter because the single-pivot actuation mechanism is simpler and, when closed, the doors form the engine nozzle, eliminating the weight of a separate nozzle.

The reverser design also allows for "plume tailoring", to prevent the engine exhaust from blanking out the rudder and to increase efficiency. Nordam says the ASP provides a reverse-thrust efficiency of up to 50%, compared with 40-45% for target-type reversers.

Source: Flight International