A manned flight by a Romanian-designed rocket could take place this September, leading to a suborbital launch in 2009, if an unmanned test next month succeeds. ARCA, a non-government organisation, plans to launch its Stabilo vehicle from a balloon at 65,500ft (20,000m) in March.
The flight will test the vehicle's communications, life support and descent drogue and main parachute systems. If successful, Stabilo will carry a pilot in September. ARCA plans six test flights between March and the end of 2009. The plan envisages releasing the Stabilo vehicle at 65,500ft to fire its hydrogen peroxide-fuelled engine for an undisclosed duration in the first half of 2008, followed by a supersonic flight using the rocket motor later that year.
There are two final flights planned for 2009: a manned mission to an undisclosed altitude, and a second to send a pilot to 245,000ft.

Source: Flight International