German MRO, 328 Support Services, rolled out a Dornier 328Jet from its Oberpfaffenhofen facility – and then flew it straight to Geneva for display in EBACE’s static park and subsequent handover to new owner Mikado Capital.

Mikado Capital also owns Icelandic executive charter company IceJet, which is making its debut at EBACE.  Reykjavik-based IceJet introduced its first 14-seat Envoy into service at the end of November, together with a newly refurbished 19-seat corporate shuttle Dornier 328 turboprop, both modified by 328 Support. 

The company is working to complete two further 328s for Mikado by July.  The last aircraft, which has already been sold, will feature the addition of long-range fuel tanks, enabling a 3,700km (2,000nm) range. The option to fit these tanks is only available from 328 Support and can either be fitted as part of the conversion, or as a retrofit solution. 

“We are getting an increasing number of requests for the 328Jet in executive/VIP role, especially when fitted with long-range tanks,” says 328 Support’s new chief executive, Dave Jackson.  “The aircraft is really coming into its own for corporate aviation use.  There really is nothing else in its category that offers such a generous cabin, rugged characteristics and short take-off and landing performance.  “We are currently responding to requests for interior conversions from a number of new customers for up to 10 further aircraft,” he says.  In response, the company is working on offering five possible cabin layouts, as well as the current Envoy layout.

So confident is it on future demand, 328 Support has just acquired a secondhand low-time 328Jet that previously flew with Gandalf Airlines in Italy.  It has already placed the aircraft with a UK client and will convert it to the client’s chosen interior and fit long-range tanks. The addition of long- range tanks will enable the aircraft to fly direct to Russia or the Middle East from most European capitals. 

Envoy toast
Left Dave Jackson, CEO 328 Support, Gunnar Thorraldsson, Director Mikado Capital, and Jon Thor Hjaltason, chairman Mikado Capital

Source: Flight Daily News