Raytheon Aircraft has rolled out the 400th aircraft in its Beechjet 400A/Hawker 400XP light business jet family. The Hawker 400XP was introduced in May 2003 as an upgrade of the Beechjet 400A, and quickly became established in the fractional-ownership market. NetJets ordered 50 aircraft in late 2003 and in June 2004 added 20 aircraft for its European operations. Flight Options, Raytheon's own fractional subsidiary, also operates the 400XP. The Hawker 400XP upgrade, which increased gross weight by 91kg (200lb), revitalised an aircraft line that was facing closure. In October last year, Raytheon introduced cabin and other improvements. The cabin enhancements are being fitted as standard to NetJets aircraft and are available as options to other customers. Raytheon delivered its 6,000th King Air twin-turboprop last month.

Source: Flight International