The second Boeing 777-200LR joined the flight-test programme last month as the effort edges towards its half-way point.

The second -200LR, WD002, had its first flight on 24 May. Boeing flight-test captains Mike Bryan and Randy Austin were at the controls for the flight from the Everett production site to Boeing Field, involving a 5h test sortie. Including around 245 flight-test hours already accumulated by the first aircraft, WD001, total flight-test hours are nearing the mid-point of the planned 500h test programme.

Ground-test hours have reached about 170 out of a planned 250. WD002 has subsequently been taken on a second 7h test flight, which covered the first checks on the transfer of fuel from an auxiliary tank.

The additional tank is an option on the longer-range -200LR, but is not thought to have been selected by any customer yet.

Meanwhile, WD001 is being used to conduct simulated engine-out turns and sideslip handling. The second test aircraft will take part in several ultra-long-range flight demonstrations and is due to make an appearance at the Paris air show.


Source: Flight International