And speaking of Trents, Megafans is busy developing the Trent 900 and may soon have new engine naming worries of its own if the 7E7 becomes a real aeroplane. Our old business expert Rex Stocks shares his thoughts.

"You know old boy, they don't need to look too far afield. How about staying in the spirit of the Trent, which as you know runs out into the Humber estuary. Its sister river out of the Humber is of course the Ouse. If you don't think the Rolls-Royce Ouse sounds very inspiring, then you could consider the nearby Wash or even the majestic sounding Great Ouse."

Straying further north one could take in the Wear - that impressive river tumbling down to the North Sea through the once mighty industrial landscape of County Durham. Oh hang on...better not. Growth versions would risk becoming the Heavy Wear.

Source: Flight International