Airbus has been conducting minimum-unstick testing with the A350-900 prototype at Paris Vatry airport as part of the aircraft's certification programme.

The twinjet, MSN1, has "successfully completed" the test as part of the high-lift configuration optimisation effort, says the airframer.

Minimum-unstick tests involve determining the lowest threshold airspeed at which the aircraft will become airborne, which requires holding the jet at a high nose attitude on rotation, to the point where the tail makes ground contact.

A350 Vmu test

MSN1 had emerged in August with a tail-skid fitted, indicating that the testing was approaching.

Airbus has also painted its second A350 flight-test aircraft, MSN3, which the airframer expects to join the programme in October. It is also carrying out fitting for the third aircraft, MSN2, which be equipped with a cabin interior.

Over 10% of the 2,500h flight-test programme has been completed since the A350 performed its maiden flight on 14 June.