Investigators are to put a damaged Air France Airbus A380 engine into storage in Canada, to protect it, while arrangement are made to transport the powerplant for analysis.

The Engine Alliance GP7200 engine was involved in a serious failure, including the loss of its entire fan disk and inlet, as the aircraft cruised over Greenland on 30 September. It diverted to Goose Bay in Canada.

French investigation authority BEA says the engine will be transported to a General Electric facility at Cardiff in the UK, where inspectors will be able to analyse the mechanism.

Specialists are also determining the best method of flying the aircraft to a European location in order that it can undergo repair and be returned to Air France service.

BEA says the "logistical complexity" of these measures means they are likely to take "several weeks". Airbus and Air France are working to protect the powerplant so that its condition can be preserved for examination.

Investigators are still searching regions of Greenland to locate components shed from the damaged engine.

Source: Cirium Dashboard