Investigators have indicated that the Emirates Airbus A380 involved in an altitude deviation incident in Moscow had descended to around 400ft while still 7.5nm from the runway.

The information has been disclosed by French investigation authority BEA, citing counterparts in the United Arab Emirates.

It states that the aircraft had been attempting to intercept the ILS for landing, as it carried out an approach to Moscow Domodedovo's runway 14R.

The aircraft – which BEA identifies as A6-EEZ – descended to 400ft while 7.5nm inbound, and the crew received an enhance ground-proximity warning system alert.

On a typical ILS glideslope an aircraft at this distance would normally be operating at around 2,400ft. The threshold elevation of runway 14R is 180m and there are various obstacles, including chimneys and masts, in the vicinity of the approach path.

Having executed a go-around the crew then attempted a second approach which, BEA says, was also "unsuccessful" and was similarly aborted.

"The aircraft landed safely on the third approach," it adds.

United Arab Emirates investigators had previously stated that the aircraft, arriving from Dubai on 10 September, had been transporting 446 occupants.

Source: Cirium Dashboard