Will Christmas come early for TRW at Paris? The company is lying awake, waiting to hear if its variable-frequency power generation and other systems will be selected for the Airbus A380 super-jumbo. "No question variable-frequency power is the way ahead, and it's the baseline solution for A380," says Ken Maciver, president and CEO of TRW Aeronautical Systems. Variable-frequency generation which removes complexity by eliminating the hydro-mechanical constant-speed drive needed in conventional constant-frequency systems - offers improved reliability and maintainability, and reduced weight and cost. TRW is one of the pioneers of the "More - Electric Aircraft" concept. It has developed a number of flight control power-by-wire alternatives including electrohydrostatic actuation (EHA), electromechanical actuation (EMA) and its own Integrated Actuation Package (IAP) with the aim of replacing the hydraulic power supply to primary and secondary flight controls with an electric solution. Control Conventional flight control actuation - fly-by-wire - is controlled electrically but powered hydraulically. These systems rely on a complicated network of high-pressure hydraulic tubes running throughout the aircraft to supply the hydraulic pressure needed to move each control surface. The goal of power-by-wire is to eliminate the hydraulic connection and its associated risks by providing electrical power straight to the actuators. The benefits are enhanced survivability and maintainability and reduced weight and ground servicing time. The company is displaying a large EHA demonstrator during the show.

Source: Flight Daily News