Arinc is demonstrating its next-generation Oi on-board internet service featuring interactive in-flight entertainment capabilities.

With the interactive capability of Oi, passengers may use their own laptops or the airline's IFE system to surf the internet, listen to and watch podcasts, and keep up with the pulse of the latest sports and global news.

"Oi Onboard Internet allows airlines to take their IFE offerings to the next level, with interactive web applications and the content today's passengers want," says Arinc's Dan Pendergast, senior director, airline programmes.

"Oi empowers passengers with the ability to send important emails and keep in touch with friends, family and colleagues at any time during their flight."

The product can be customised by each airline, allowing carriers to build differentiated IFE services including combinations of free and paid content. In addition, airlines can explore a range of passenger payment options including credit cards.

"We developed Oi to provide the next generation of on-board interactivity and IFE content for airlines and their passengers, through partnerships with leading content providers and hardware manufacturers, and making use of our own expertise in airline communications," says Pendergast.

"Ultimately, this advance is about empowering passengers to connect and communicate with people in real time, any time."

Source: Flight Daily News