Wouldn't life be easier as a frequent flyer not to have to have to take your laptop out of your bag each time you go through security? SafetyFirst has introduced a range of checkpoint-friendly bags to save travellers this time and drama.

"Initially we designed a line of clear bags to assist with the security issues facing our schools," says Dori DeCarlo, president. "But we soon extended our thoughts to the security issues that face places of work, sports arenas and airports. We designed a range of ergonomically and economically friendly fabric bags that would clear security without having to remove the contents such as your laptop."

DeCarlo set the company up after the 1999 Colombine school massacre. "As a mother I was horrified. Guns and drugs should not be in schools. I then came up with the idea of a clear bag. The fabric bags then followed and we have a range of 19 bags now from laptop bags to backpacks."

To help streamline the security process and better protect laptops, the TSA recently encouraged manufacturers to design bags that will produce a clear and unobstructed image of the laptop when undergoing X-ray screening.

"A design such as SafetyFirst bags meets this objective and enables TSA to allow laptops to remain in bags for screening," says DeCarlo.

The Connecticut-based company uses a plant in China and one in the USA for its production. "Our range is high quality, durable designs, and it translates into bags that are clearly safer, clearly stronger and clearly more comfortable than any other clear bags on the market, and perfect for the frequent traveller such as the business travellers here at the show."

Source: Flight Daily News