Airbus has the largest aircraft cabin on display at Asian Aerospace with an A318 Elite, which it says features a wider, taller and more spacious cabin than any of the other aircraft being shown, while having a similar length and wingspan as traditional large business jets.

The Elite is operated by BAA Jet Management of Hong Kong, which was the first in the region to fly the type.

The A318 Elite seats up to 19 passengers and has the range to fly nonstop to most cities in Asia-Pacific as well as to fly intercontinentally.

"Most passengers want to take into the sky the kind of comfort and space that they enjoy at home or in the office, and the A318 Elite allows them to do this, with a lounge, dining area, private office that converts to a bedroom, and bathrooms," says Airbus corporate and private aviation vice president Francois Chazelle.

Francois Chazelle,
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Source: Flight Daily News