Bell Helicopter is pitching its Huey II and 407AH aircraft for the African market, promoting both models at the Africa Aerospace & Defence show being held near Pretoria, South Africa.

The Huey II is a modernisation programme for the venerable UH-1H, with the existing aircraft disassembled and rebuilt and its engine replaced with the Honeywell T53-L-703 turboshaft.

Bell, in conjunction with local partner National Airways Corporation, is also showing off the 407AH light armed scout (below), which the partners say is specifically designed to meet the needs of African nations.

 Bell 407AH - Mark Mansfield

Mark Mansfield

The helicopter can be equipped with 7.62mm M134T miniguns and M260 2.75in rocket pods. It would also be equipped with various countermeasures equipment.

Source: Flight International