AAR's ThreatDefense security system stands to radically improve safety on board commercial aircraft post-11 September.

The system, developed with DeCrane Aircraft, Goodrich Sensor Systems and Webcore Industries, comprises a cockpit door manufactured from a unique TyCor material. This provides a lightweight barrier that is almost impenetrable even when fired at with a .44 Magnum-JHP gun.


The door can only be opened from inside the cockpit; electronic surveillance allows flight crew to see who is outside the door. Entrance can only be gained by keying in an entry code on a keypad.

Product development and certification of ThreatDefense was a speedy process, says Peter K Chapman, vice-president, marketing and business development, AAR.

"It has been a top priority to develop this kind of technology as quickly as possible post-11 September," he explains. "ThreatDefense is FAA approved and will be used from May this year across the Boeing and Airbus range. We are currently in talks with some of the regional carriers as well."

Source: Flight Daily News