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Our commitment to customers

FlightGlobal provides powerful aviation intelligence through data and analytics. We continue to develop new capabilities to support our customers’ short and long-term decisions and planning, leveraging our unique combination of expertise, technology and databases. It demonstrates our commitment in providing a complete view of the aviation industry today, tomorrow and beyond.

A valuable alliance

Pioneering the way forward for combined world-class aviation intelligence.

With the talent, technology and resources we now have assembled, matched by our comprehensive historical view of the industry enable us to give our customers a complete and trusted view of the global fleet, routes, values, schedules, and flight status data.

  • Access current, future and historical schedules data for over 900 airlines globally. As well as this, FlightGlobal is the Schedule Reference Service (SRS) provider to IATA and a long term Strategic Partner giving you the assurance you’re working with trusted data.
  • Whatever you need to know about the global aircraft fleet, FlightGlobal has the answer. We provide the most trusted and reliable fleet data in the world to ensure you have the most commercially viable fleet and gain a competitive edge.
  • FlightGlobal now incorporates FlightStats, the leading provider of flight tracking and status data. We can provide you with a complete story of a flight – from what’s expected, to what is happening now, to what happened.

A brief history

FlightGlobal is a powerhouse of aviation and air travel data and analytics.

With over 100 years supporting the aviation industry, FlightGlobal helps aviation related businesses drive growth, assess risk and improve efficiency. We help our clients discover everything they need to know about the global fleet of aircraft and world schedules, as well as gain insight into market dynamics and drivers. With over 300 employees across the globe, we are dedicated to delivering the most complete set of data, analytics, online tools, news and analysis, as well as expert opinion, to the aviation market. A strategic partner of IATA, the association of world airlines, we have also been recognised as the Aircraft Appraiser of the Year, an Aviation 100 Award, five times in the last six years.

A powerhouse of world-class aviation and air travel data & analytics

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