BAE Systems Regional Aircraft has sold an RJ100 Avro Business Jet to the Amiri Flight of Abu Dhabi. The aircraft is a late model Avro RJ100. Following its delivery in April it will join a VIP RJ70 already in service with the operator.

BAE says it has agreed to buy back the executive charter-configured Avro RJ85 owned by the Amiri Flight and which is operated under management by VIP charter operator Royal Jet.

It says: "This latest success for the ABJ and underlines the aircraft's popularity within the Gulf Cooperation Council countries, where, in addition to Abu Dhabi, it is also service with the Bahrain defence force - which operates two RJ85s and one RJ100 - and the Dubai air wing, which has two RJ85s." To date there are 25 ABJs in service for under conversion.

Dubai Air Wing Avro RJ85

Source: Flight International