ACT Airlines has given figures for the total hours logged by the pilots of a Boeing 747-400F that crashed in Kyrgyzstan's capital Bishkek.

The Turkish carrier – which confirms that a total of 37 people were killed in the crash, including four crew members – says the captain had 10,821 flight-hours, including 833h on 747s, while the first officer had 5,910h, of which 1,771h were on the type.

Both pilots had a military background, ACT indicates.

It states that the crew rested for 69h in Hong Kong before the flight departed that city. Some 85.6t of "general cargo" had been loaded on an aircraft with 116t cargo capacity, adds the airline, which based on "first findings" believes that the accident was "not caused by technical reasons or loading-related factors".

There are, it notes, "no faults recorded in the technical register" of the jet, a 2003 model that entered service with ACT – which trades under the brand MyCargo – on 10 December 2015.

ACT has dispatched two captains to Bishkek to investigate the crash.

Source: Cirium Dashboard