Accident investigators are hoping attempts will soon be made to recover from the seabed the cockpit voice recorder and flight data recorder from the Adam Air Boeing 737-400 that mysteriously crashed into water while on a domestic flight in Indonesia nearly five months ago, killing all 102 people on board.

The Indonesian National Transportation Safety Commission's investigator in charge of the case, Frans Wenas, says that "there is a high possibility that the recovery can be done in the next month".

US authorities assisted with the initial search operation in January and a US Navy vessel was able to locate the main wreckage as well as the CVR and FDR when the devices were emitting signals. Disagreements between the Indonesian government and Adam Air over who is responsible for paying for the recovery of the devices have resulted in no attempts being made to bring them to the surface from waters up to 2km (1nm) deep.

Wenas says that although the recorders will no longer be emitting signals, "fortunately we have got the co-ordinates and that should be enough".

Source: Flight International