A new cockpit door locking system from Adams Rite Aerospace (Stand E663) is expected to attract a lot of notice during the show.

The locking system meets all SFAR 92 requirements and is currently fitted on all Boeing and Airbus aircraft.

"Post-11 September, there was a real requirement for a product to prevent unwanted intrusion into the cockpit so we accelerated our development programme to produce something that fulfils all necessary safety requirements," says Mahesh Lodhia, director, Aerospace Sales.


The system is operated from the pilot's seat.

The pilot enters the cockpit by inputting a number combination into a keypad.

Anyone who wants to gain access to the cockpit needs to press a button on the keypad to alert the pilot who can then open or lock the door as required.

The system can be easily adapted for use on other aircraft and Lodhia believes there is a market for it in the region.

"The Middle East is a growing market in the aviation industry," he says.

"We believe there will be opportunities for us at this show."

Source: Flight Daily News