A Boeing 787 subsystem supplier is in "discussions" with GE Aviation Systems to decide which company will pay to complete additional development work.

Crane expects to complete development in the second quarter of a brake control system for the 787 that meets the original requirements, the manufacturer says a press release issued yesterday.

Both Boeing and GE Aviation Systems, however, say the 787's initial brake control monitoring system (BCMS) has completed development already, and "can fly today".

Crane's statement also says that Boeing has changed aircraft requirements that affect the brake controls, which will require additional development.

"It is [Crane's] position that it is not required to undertake this additional development work without customer funding, and the costs of such work, which could be material, are not included in our guidance," Crane's statement says.

Crane adds that it has entered discussions with GE Aviation Systems to resolve the issue.

GE Aviation Systems tells ATI that the "requirements change mentioned in the Crane release involves changes that will be made to the BCMS in the future and phased into later production".

Source: Air Transport Intelligence news