Messier-Dowty's has put its landing gear technology on display (Hall 2B, E11) including several new additions. Results of Messier-Dowty's research into refining the design, manufacture and service of landing gears include a titanium main fitting for the Airbus A340 nosegear which will reduce weight.

New coatings are also being explored to meet requirements such as ISO 14001 environmental accreditation and noise reduction studies. These solutions will be cost effective with decreased maintenance and manufacturing time. Nose landing gear for the Dassault Falcon 7X business jet will also be on show. Messier-Dowty has proposed an integrated landing gear system for the aircraft which is expected to take its first flight by second quarter 2005.

This is in addition to the nose landing gear for the Airbus A380. At 5.5m (18ft) tall when fully extended, this is the largest landing gear supplied by Messier-Dowty. These new products will join more established models including the Airbus A330/A340 main landing gear - one of largest gear assemblies in commercial service - along with main land gear for the Dassault Rafale B, Eurofighter.

Source: Flight Daily News