Alenia Aeronautics has developed a 3-D simulator that enabled the Italian display pilots in the Eurofighter Typhoon and C-27J Spartan at Le Bourget to perfect their routines back in Turin.

The Stereoscopic Visualisation simulator is being displayed for the first time on the Finmeccanica stand (E19, Hall 2).

By inputting data from actual flight recorders and telemetry readings, the simulator reconstructs the aircraft's flight patterns so that the pilots can play it back and assess their own performance. Special glasses make the images appear three-dimensional.Alenia's two pilots, Marco Venanzetti and Maurizio Cheli, who flew on the STS-75 space shuttle mission in 1996, were able to make modifications to their missions after spending recent weeks using the simulator.

As well as exactly mapping the aircraft, it was also possible to recreate the terrain in the vicinity of Le Bourget.

Source: Flight Daily News