Aerosystems International (AeI) is showing the latest version of its mission planning system, which it believes will make communication between the UK army's Apache AH Mk1 anti-tank helicopters and ground troops as easy as A-B-C.

The system is now operational and AeI (Stand W760) is seeking export customers.

A British parliamentary report highlighted the lack of communications links between the helicopter and UK ground forces. The Apache Bowman Connectivity (ABC) version of AeI's mission planning system is designed to solve that problem.


The company's improved data modem enables the aircraft to exchange information via the ground system into the UK army's Bowman digital radio network. This allows an exchange of threat and target information, as well as real-time mission updates.

"The Apache comes with digital air-to-air communications; what we've done, without changing the aircraft, is add a digital air-to-ground connection," says AeI business development manager Gareth Owen.

Source: Flight Daily News