Aerion Corporation unveiled cabin floor options for its supersonic business jet (SSBJ) yesterday, to confirm its interior will compare favourably with the legendary luxury of subsonic business aircraft already on the market.

Five cabin floor plans show seating configurations for 8-12 passengers, with many typical large-cabin features including conference tables, large galleys and office-in-the-sky options.

Interior of luxury subsonic


The interior concepts were developed by Infusion Design of Kansas City, whose founder and president, Sean Elsner, says: "The cabin should be a unique haven for the supersonic traveller."

Aerion vice-chairman Brian Barents says: "We wanted to convey the comfort and productivity of the Aerion cabin. The interior design effort allows us to convey the experience of travelling in this aircraft."

The minimally reduced operating range resulting from a slightly larger cabin - and slightly less fuel - was not an issue for respondents to a survey assessing potential for the aircraft, says Aerion.

Aerion executives were queried about the response validity of the survey, which reported a market for 220-260 Aerion SSBJs over a 10-year period but Aerion chairman Bill Bass says: "Leading corporations have told us conclusively that they attach a high value to speed. This should come as no surprise given the premium being paid today for the fastest subsonic jets, and given the increased travel by executives in a globalised economy."

Bass, who stresses his investment rather than aerospace pedigree, remarks the only supersonic aircraft at the show are either in the museum or in military livery, and says the appearance of an SSBJ could be just three, or even two Paris airshows away.

Source: Flight Daily News