Avro RJ70/85/100/115

Avro International Aerospace's family of regional jets is marketed under the umbrella of Aero International (Regional), which combines the regional-aircraft activities of British Aerospace, Aerospatiale and Alenia.

The RJ70, RJ85 and RJ100 were introduced to supersede the BAe 146-100, -200 and -300 respectively. Principal changes include the introduction of AlliedSignal LF507 engines, replacing the LF502-R5s used on the 146, and all-digital ARINC 700-standard avionics.

A Category III autopilot/autothrottle, higher design weights and the improved engines combine to provide better payload/range performance than that of the 146. The cabin has also been redesigned.

The standard RJ70 has derated, 27kN, LF507s and carries 70 passengers in a five-abreast cabin layout, or 82 in a six-abreast configuration. The RJ85 offers 85 or 100 seats and the RJ100 offers 100 or 112, with five- or six-abreast seating, respectively. Also offered are freighter (Quiet Trader), convertible (Quick Change) and Combi versions.

The RJ115 is a higher-capacity version of the RJ100, which can seat up to 116 passengers and has increased fuel capacity, higher operating weights and mid-cabin emergency exits. This version has no customers to date.

The first Avro RJ (an RJ85) was flown in March 1992. The first production RJ85 was delivered to Crossair in April 1993.

Production -The RJ family is assembled at BAe's Woodford plant near Manchester in the UK. Twenty five aircraft were delivered from the line in 1995, and around 27 aircraft are expected to be handed over in 1996.

AIR 70

The AIR 70 is a proposed 70-seat regional twinjet, expected to be launched at the Paris air show in June 1997. A shorter, 58-seat, version, known as the AIR 58, is also planned.

The aircraft will be the first to be developed jointly by the three AI(R) partners, which hope to offer up to 55% of the expected $1.1 billion development programme to overseas partners. Discussions are reported to be taking place with Korean manufacturers, which could take up to a 25% stake.

Three power plants - the Allison AE3012, GE CF34-8C and P&W/Snecma SPW14 - are being pitched at the AIR70, with a final selection by AI(R) expected by mid-1997. First flight has been set for mid-2000, with the AIR 58 following at the end of the same year.

The AIR 70 has a 29.3m-long fuselage, which has the same 2.86m-diameter as those of the AI(R)ATR 42 and ATR 72 turboprops. Maximum take-off weight is set at just over 29t.

Source: Flight International