Aerocomp is set to begin flight testing this week its single-engined kit-built business jet. The Merrit Island, Florida-based company says it may develop a production version of the eight-seat aircraft, the CompAir Jet (CA-J), at a later date.

Aerocomp was set to complete high-speed taxi trials and brake and pressurisation tests last week. Aerocomp president Steve Young says the $400,000 aircraft is targeted at small businesses that are seeking an alternative to congested airports.

The CA-J is powered by a Russian Progress AI-25 powerplant and has a projected cruise speed of 325kt (600km/h), at 22,000ft (6,700m), a range of 1,770km (955nm) and an operating altitude of 29,000ft (8,800m). The aircraft has a projected 4,000kg (8,900lb) maximum take-off weight, 2,000kg empty weight and a useful load of 2,000kg.

The CA-J may make its debut at the Airventure show in Oshkosh, Wisconsin this month if it completes around 40h testing, Young says. "We plan to start taking orders in August," he adds, with first deliveries scheduled for the first half of next year. Aerocomp is establishing builder-assistance centres across the USA and Young is talking to companies in Brazil China and Russia, with a view to establishing manufacturing bases and build centres there. The company is also developing an in-house training programme, which will be compulsory, Jones says, for all CA-J operators.


Source: Flight International