Aerocomp has switched to a later version of the Ivchenko/Progress AI-25 turbofan for its single-engined Comp Air Jet (CA-J) as it begins final assembly of its Comp Air (CA-12) single-turboprop derivative of the eight- to 12-seat all-composite aircraft.

Merritt Island, Florida-based Aerocomp in now installing a 3,800lb-thrust (16.9kN) AI-25TL engine in the prototype CA-J, replacing the original 3,400lb-thrust AI-25.

In addition to increased power, the TL version produces less visible smoke and is more fuel efficient, Aerocomp says. The CA-12, which has essentially the same airframe, is powered by a 1,400shp (1,040kW) Lycoming T53. Both powerplants are refurbished ex-military engines.

Although the eight-seat CA-J and 12-seat CA-12 are kitplanes, Aerocomp says buyers are expected to complete their aircraft at the builder-assistance centre adjacent to the company’s Merritt Island factory.

They will still comply with US Federal Aviation Administration amateur-built rules requiring at least 51% of the work to be performed by the buyer/builder, the company says.

Source: Flight International