Norwegian investigators have opened an inquiry after an Aeroflot Airbus A320 bound for Moscow Sheremetyevo took off from a taxiway at Oslo Gardermoen yesterday.

The aircraft, operating flight SU212 at 14:55, had been intending to depart from runway 01L.

But a spokesman for Gardermoen says that, at around 15:10, the aircraft turned right onto taxiway M, which runs parallel and immediately to the right of the runway, and took off.

While runway 01L is 3,600m (11,800ft) long, taxiway M is truncated with a length of about 2,400m.

A source familiar with the incident also indicates to ATI that the aircraft departed from the A3 intersection which would have reduced the available take-off distance to the north to just 1,650m.

Gardermoen's weather information at the time shows good visibility.

Aeroflot A320 - Air Team

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Norway's air accidents investigation commission has started an inquiry into the incident, which comes just two weeks after a KLM Boeing 737 took off from a taxiway at Amsterdam Schiphol on 10 February.

Source: Air Transport Intelligence news