Israel's Aeronautics Defence Systems' Aerosky 2 close-range tactical unmanned air vehicle is to make its first flight with its hybrid battery/piston engine on 2 June.

The UAV is designed to take off with its piston engine and switch to its battery system once it reaches its target area. The hybrid engine is being developed by Zanzottera Technologies, an Aeronautics subsidiary 80km (49 miles) north of Milan, Italy.

Aeronautics president Avi Leumi says the new hybrid engine has already been test flown on a UAV, but not the Aerosky 2.

The Aerosky 2 will have a maximum take-off weight of 80kg (176lb), operate from a mobile launcher with a payload capable of operating day or night and have an endurance of 10h.

Aeronautics claims the Aerosky 2 will have a small noise signature at low altitudes while using its electric propulsion mode.