Aeronautics Defense Systems, the Israeli unmanned air systems manufacturer, is delivering its Aerostar UAS to Azerbaijan and plans to transfer more production to its local company, Azad Systems, which was established in 2011 as a joint venture between the defence ministry of Azerbaijan and Aeronautics.

In recent years, Israel has become a major arms supplier to Azerbaijan. Deals so far have included artillery systems, communications equipment and different types of UAS including the Aerostar and Orbiter, also developed by Aeronautics.

 Aerostar UAS - Aeronautics

Aeronautics Defense Systems

According to Aeronautics chief executive Sami Totah, production of more composite fuselage parts will be transferred to Azad. The goal is to enable the plant to be capable of performing final assembly of Aeronautics UAS that have already been contracted, as well as others that may be bought.

The Aerostar has a 230kg (507lb) maximum take-off weight and an endurance of 12h. Aeronautics is working to extend it to 15h.

Source: Flight International