The NDI Aerospace Group (NDiAG), part of the successful Northern Defence Initiative, is showcasing the capabilities of five companies from the North East of England, exhibiting together for the first time. NdiAG chairman Bill Maxwell says the "clustering" approach allows participation at the Show of firms that would otherwise not be able to do so.

Although clustering is fast becoming more common throughout the UK, the North of England was one of the first regions to realise that, by forming strategic alliances, companies could not only obtain economies of scale, but also establish a 'collective identity' for marketing purposes, offer a wider range of goods and services, share technology which in turn would encourage innovation and increase productive capacity.

Colin Smith of the NDiAG is optimistic about the group's prospects: "The aerospace sector has an annual turnover of around £17 billion and, with strong growth being predicted over the next five years, we see this as a major step forward, not only in the development of the NDiAG, but in marketing our expertise internationally."

Source: Flight Daily News