The Flight International Aerospace Industry Awards are the industry's own way of recognising excellence in achievement. They are the only awards judged independently by an international panel of industry experts; they are the only ones which span the industry; they are the only ones which companies enter, rather than being nominated for. They are, in short, the awards that the industry wants to win.

This year, more companies than ever before entered, offering up their achievements of the past year to the judges' scrutiny. The standard of those entries was the highest ever, and the scope and breadth of their achievement was broader than ever. The judges had a difficult task - but, as you would expect from such a distinguished panel, they rose to the challenge.

The results speak for themselves: some of the greatest advances in the industry, from companies great and small, are recognised in this year's awards. That they should be able to enjoy this recognition is down to the support given by their peers - the companies which have backed this year's awards with their generous sponsorship, to whom the industry as a whole owes a debt of gratitude.

To all those who have taken part in this year's competition, our thanks; to those who made the finalists' shortlist, our congratulations; to those who have won the 1997 awards, our admiration. The excellence which you have shown is an example to all in the industry, and to your customers and those outside the industry who will benefit from the results of your achievements.


Source: Flight International