California-based Archer Aviation is formally to unveil its production Midnight eVTOL aircraft next month, ahead of its planned schedule.

Archer says it will present details of the company’s US FAA certification and commercialisation plans at the 16 November event, which will also feature a test flight of the full-scale technology demonstrator.

The unveiling, originally expected next year, follows a preliminary design review of the four-passenger aircraft.

Archer, which is stationed in Santa Clara, says it will provide further information on Midnight’s specification including its electric powertrain.

United Airlines has made a pre-delivery payment of $10 million for 100 of the aircraft, while the design review successfully analysed feasibility for regulatory compliance and market viability.

Midnight eVTOL-c-Archer Aviation

Source: Archer Aviation

Archer is unveiling the aircraft ahead of its planned schedule

Archer claims Midnight will have a payload capability of around 450kg (1,000lb) and a turnaround time for charging of 10min.

“We’ve made phenomenal progress in the development of our eVTOL aircraft technology,” says chief executive Adam Goldstein.

United Airlines will participate in the event along with automotive company Stellantis which has been supporting the aircraft’s development.