UK aerospace firm Avensis Aviation has unveiled a quicker-loading version of its reversible passenger-to-freighter conversion programme, aimed at the e-commerce sector.

The widebody programme, Medius Evo, has evolved from the company’s Medius freighter product for Airbus A330-200s and -300s.

Avensis says the Evo retains the Class E cabin of its Medius predecessor but features a cargo-loading system and reconfigured smoke-detection equipment.

This allows the use of customised cargo pallets rather than boxes, which can be inserted through the aircraft doors. The system enables an A330-200 to be loaded in 100min compared with over 250min with the Medius, the company adds.

Avensis says converting an aircraft to Evo capability can potentially be achieved in eight weeks, or four if the aircraft is already configured with Medius.

Medius Evo-c-Avensis

Source: Avensis Aviation

Custom pallets enable an Evo-configured widebody to be loaded more quickly

The Evo modification is also “considerably lighter” than the company’s previous products, it states, lowering the aircraft’s empty eight and providing a more fuel-efficient conversion.

Chief executive Cristian Sutter describes the reversible Evo conversion as “agile”, offering reduced turnaround times.

“By incorporating new cargo-loading capabilities, cargo can be loaded and offloaded faster than ever,” he adds.

Installation of Medius Evo can be carried out at any facility approved by Avensis, which states that the conversion is “not restricted” to a specific production line.