Embraer has accelerated an energy-purchase plan which will ensure that all the electricity it acquires in Brazil will be drawn from renewable sources.

It has brought forward this plan by a year and will achieve it from 2024 rather than the original commitment of 2025.

Two-thirds of the total electric power used by Embraer – around 170 billion Wh – is consumed in Brazil.

But it will start buying all its electricity in the country from solar and wind sources.

Solar panels-c-Embraer Shutterstock

Source: Embraer/Shutterstock

It says it will “zero” its carbon emissions classified as ‘Scope 2’ – the indirect emissions resulting from using electricity purchased from the national grid – through the acquisition of a renewable energy certificate for 2024.

Environmental, social and governance practices are “one of the pillars” of the airframer’s strategic business plan, says Embraer’s vice-president of ESG, Carlos Alberto Griner.

“We have a broad program with several fronts, and we are looking at every opportunity to accelerate the reduction of our carbon emissions,” he says.

Along with the commitment to 100% renewable energy usage in Brazil by 2024, and globally by 2030, Embraer is aiming for carbon-neutral operations by 2040.