Israel Aerospace Industries has implemented a new system intended to increase the efficiency of passenger-to-freighter aircraft conversion as it expands the number of modification lines.

The company say the Global Control Center system will enable it to optimise logistics processes and provide “targeted and horizontal management” of problems.

Customers will be able to have detailed real-time information on the conversion process which, it states, was not previously possible.

“This innovative system will optimise IAI’s conversion programmes in an unprecedented way while providing full transparency to the company’s customers,” says IAI Aviation Group general manager Shmuel Kuzi.

“We anticipate a reduction in the working time on each aircraft and to improve the response to our customers.”

777-300ERSF N779CK outside-c-FlightGlobal

Source: FlightGlobal

IAI is developing international conversion lines for its 777-300ERSF programme

Tel Aviv-based IAI says the control and monitoring system was developed in-house and, following testing, is fully operational.

IAI modifies types including Boeing 737s and 767s, and it has broadened into 777-300ER and Airbus A330 freighters. It has plans to set up several freighter lines in various countries, and the new system is aimed particularly at co-ordinating this international conversion work. 

The company says the market for passenger-to-freighter conversion showed a 15% rise in demand last year, and it is expecting this trend to continue.

“We expect the system will have a great impact on our activities, both internally and externally, first in the aviation sector and then in other IAI activities,” says IAI chief Boaz Levy.