Russia’s latest civil aircraft manufacturing forecast features a new twin-turboprop type, which will be produced under a joint agreement with the Belarusian aerospace industry.

The LMS-192 Osvey is a 19-seat high-wing design, intended for commercial air transport on regional routes, set to be powered by Klimov VK-800 engines.

Russia’s forecast for serial aircraft production to 2030 suggests manufacture of the LMS-192 will begin in 2027, initially with 20 airframes, rising to 46 in subsequent years.

The aircraft is being developed through a partnership between Ekaterinburg-based UZGA and the Belarusian 558 Aviation Repair Plant.

This agreement, detailed in April this year, emerged from a broader comprehensive Russian-Belarusian co-operation pact on aircraft manufacturing from July 2023.

LMS-192-c-558 Aviation Repair Plant

Source: 558 Aviation Repair Plant

Jointly developed by Russia and Belarus, the LMS-192 is a 19-seat twin-turboprop

The LMS-192 agreement sets out terms for implementing serial production of the type, including the legal and certification basis, as well as aspects of funding and co-ordination.

It states that 558 Aviation Repair Plant will place orders for at least 178 fuselages by 2038, and a minimum of 89 aircraft by 2030. The agreement runs to the end of 2030 but will automatically extend in five-year intervals.

Russia’s 2030 civil aviation forecast suggests 158 will be built by the end of this decade.