AEROSPATIALE HAS signed a contract with the European Space Agency (ESA) to develop and manufacture the instruments for the ESA portion of the Space Shuttle Spacelab Life Sciences 4/STS89 Columbia mission, called the Neurolab, which will be the highlight of NASA's Neuroscience research programme, in March 1988.

Called the ESA-developed elements for Neurolab, or EDEN, the instruments will help a unique, concentrated, study of the autonomous nervous system, the rachidien bulb, which regulates vital functions, such as respiration and the distribution of body fluids, and also the central nervous system.

The EDEN will consist of the Anthrorak developed for the German Spacelab D2 mission in 1993 and will be equipped with relevant instruments to study the visual and vestibular investigation system. These are neuro-vestibular experiments for studies of the central nervous system, consisting of a rotating device, eye stimulator, eye movement monitor and control system.

Source: Flight International