Aerotec Group is using Paris to target new customers for potential upgrades to legacy Aérospatiale Gazelle attack helicopters.

The French defence specialist is offering Gazelle operators an overhaul package that includes the installation of upgraded ballistic protection, night vision goggles with optimised cockpit lighting and the addition of a 3D cartographic display.

Other potential upgrades include adding a sniper detection system, Raytheon's Talon laser-guided rocket or one of a number of FN Herstal machine-gun systems.

Aerotec, which already counts the armed forces of Tunisia, Morocco, Niger and France as customers, hopes to attract additional business from the owners of the "thousands" of Gazelles still in service around the world.

"We have been in discussions for a long time with the Egyptian [government], but after the Arab Spring those stopped; maybe now we can restore those talks," says Jean-Marc Jullien, sales and marketing manager at Aerotec.

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Source: Flight Daily News