Search personnel have located and raised the cockpit-voice recorder of the Air France Airbus A330 which crashed in the South Atlantic, two days after retrieving the flight-data recorder.

French investigation agency Bureau d'Enquetes et d'Analyses says the second recorder was "localised and identified" at 21:50UTC on 2 May and raised by underwater remote vehicle at 02:40UTC today.

Investigators in Paris are likely to receive the recorders from flight AF447 in about 10 days' time, following their recovery from the Atlantic sea bed.

 AF447 CVR
 © BEA

BEA had previously said the flight-data recorder would be transferred from the recovery ship Ile de Sein to a French naval patrol vessel, which will take the device to Cayenne on the coast of French Guiana.

It would then be flown to the BEA's Le Bourget offices. BEA says its investigator in charge as well as an investigator from Brazilian counterpart CENIPA, plus a French judicial police officer, will be present during the transfer "which should take around 10 days".

 AF447 ship
 © BEA

Source: Air Transport Intelligence news