by David Learmount in London
Twinjet had previously been employed by Ukrainian production plant as demonstrator

An Antonov An-74 twinjet was destroyed last month while approaching N’Djamena, Chad, killing all six crew on board. The crash site is across the Chari river from N’Djamena to the south west, near Kousseri in Cameroon.

An 74 wreckage W445
© Empics /Karel Prinsloo

The wreckage indicates that the An-74 suffered a violent impact 

The aircraft, an An-74TK-200 (UR-74038), crashed at around 05:00 on 23 April while operating a humanitarian flight to N’Djamena from Tripoli via Sabha in Libya.

The 14-year-old twinjet was owned by Ukraine-based Kharkov State Aircraft Manufacturing and the aircraft had been used recently as a demonstrator at major air shows, including the Paris and Farnborough events. All six crew were Kharkov employees.

There were no passengers on board, according to the manufacturer, but the aircraft had been chartered by the Libyan government for the carriage of passengers and cargo.

No information is available about the accident that, although it took place in flat countryside, appears to have involved a violent impact. Kharkov has sent a delegation to the crash scene to assist with the investigation.

Source: Flight International