Five years' hard work has paid off for The Square – the design agency picked up a special judges' award in the PPA Business to Business advertising awards.

So impressed were the adjudicators that they created the special judges award as a one-off category for The Square for its advertising campaign with CFM International.

Creative director Garry Walton came up with the award-winning advert, featuring an aircraft-shaped cactus along with the slogan "To flourish in the current climate you need to drink less".

"When I designed the ads we were taking about a brand that was unknown," says Walton.

"We've deliberately moved away from the ‘widget-picture' type of advertising which you see a lot in aviation advertising – we talk about the proposition rather than the product."

The Square's director Brian Hargreaves says: "We wanted to arrest people's attention with these adverts – I believe we've taken the aviation sector and given it a shake up," he says.

Source: Flight Daily News