ITALIAN HELICOPTER MANUFACTURER Agusta has introduced a new single-engine machine based on its existing A-109 range, the A-119 Koala, as well as a new version of the A-109, known as the Power, with twin 545kW (730shp) Pratt & Whitney PW206C turbo-shafts. The Koala, which will have 600kW engine (yet to be selected) has "the largest cabin in its class", says Agusta, capable of accommodating up to eight passengers, or four seats and two stretchers for medical applications. Cruising speed is 135kt (250km/h), with seven passengers. The Power features an all-new retractable landing gear, and a revised main rotor head (also fitted to the Koala), with a titanium hub and single elastomeric bearings on each blade.

Source: Flight International