Air BP Fuel card

International fuel supplier Air BP has extended its Sterling Reward cashback loyalty card scheme to its UK customers.

London Biggin Hill airport has been selected as the first UK base to offer the rewards.

The card – the first of its kind to be targeted at the general aviation market – was launched in October at the National Business Aviation Association convention in Las Vegas, and the company plans to roll it out globally by the middle of next year. Air BP says the card allows eligible cardholders to earn money back on qualifying fuel purchases.

"Customers who are issued the new Sterling Reward Visa card will receive the equivalent of one US cent on to the card for every one US gal [3.79 litres] of fuel purchased from any Air BP Sterling card acceptance location worldwide," says the fuel supplier. "For the UK market, this equates to approximately 1.6p per 10 litres of fuel, depending on the current exchange rate," it continues.

Until the end of March 2014 customers will receive 16p cashback for every 10 litres of fuel purchased at Biggin Hill airport.