Air China Group is scheduled to add 170 jets to its fleet over the next three years.

2018 will see the addition of 54 aircraft, including its first Airbus A350s. The group will take 25 Boeing 737s, 15 Airbus A320 family jets, six A350s, four A330s, as well as two 777 and 787 each. It will also retire 22 aircraft during the year.

The highest number of deliveries will come in 2019 with 63 aircraft, comprising 31 737s, 28 A320 family jets and its last four A350s on order. The year will also see the retirement of 17 aircraft.

It will have 53 aircraft join its fleet in 2020, the majority of which, again are the 31 737s. There will also be 22 A320 family jet deliveries, and the retirement of 12 aircraft.

As at the end of 2017, the group had a fleet of 655 aircraft, averaging 6.53 years. Flag carrier Air China alone accounts for 396 of these aircraft. Other carriers under the group include Shenzhen Airlines, Air Macau and Dalian Airlines.

Source: Cirium Dashboard