A Fr3 billion ($388 million) bid to save AOM/Air Liberte hung in the balance on Friday when the French regional airline group filed for bankruptcy.UK-based no-frills operator EasyJet is interested in buying France's second largest airline but is not willing to take on the French company's existing debt.

EasyJet wants to establish Orly Airport as a base to bring low-cost flights to the French market, and sees the take-off and landing slots as an important step towards its goal of European dominance.

AOM/Air Liberte believes that under court administration it may have time to implement a quick-fix restructuring plan. But the move was condemned by transport minister Jean-Claude Gayssot.

"It is accepted that there are solutions for the base in Paris to continue," said Gayssot, who has been closely involved in government attempts over the past few weeks to save the airline.

Source: Flight Daily News