Major celebrities are drawn to the Paris Air Show and we were privileged to meet Brandenburg, the Greatest Dane of all.
Taking a break from his usual work of visiting children with cancer, five year old Brandenburg is doing a round-the-world tour in a Cessna Citation Mustang very light jet (VLJ) to check out the aircraft’s handling qualities.

His spokesman and pilot Fred Furth, a Californian wine producer, says: “Brandenburg loves the Mustang, he curls up and goes to sleep in his bed. It’s a very stable aircraft.” Rather than tire Brandenburg out, Furth has agreed to take the controls and is acting as pilot in command for the trip.

As one of the first Mustang owners, Furth has a great deal of experience on the VLJ. He tells us: “At 100 plus I probably have more hours on the Mustang than anybody other than Cessna pilots. It is very easy to fly and to land. Even with full fuel, at the right temperature and altitude it takes off like a rocket. Because it flies higher than 41,000ft it tends not to experience too much turbulence.” The pair are visiting the show before resuming their epic journey.

Source: Flight Daily News